Dec 17

Quinton Twin: New in Town

Hi! I’m Quinton! I’m from north New York, but just moved to the Philly area for school. I’m staying with a friend who is trying to help me get established here. It’s really hard though. Especially the culture shock. This time last year I could go for a walk and rub one out anytime the mood hit me – there were only trees around. Or strip down and rinse off in the creek if I got hot. Not anymore! I really need to find a place soon.Luckily my friend is giving me two months at his place and suggested performing. Hopefully it will be enough to earn me a living between classes and get an apartment before 1st semester ends. It’s do or die between now and March.So, It’s going to be an interesting adventure, but for now I’m focused on my first 2 priorities. Earn enough for a security deposit on an apartment and enough for a laptop to help out with my school work. Hopefully this city (and maybe you) have enough love to go around. I’m probably going to need all I can get.

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Dec 16

Cute Selfsucker

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