Jul 13

Nathan Hunt: New Beginning

Hello everyone, My name is Nathan Hunt and I have never been a webcam model before and this is a whole new beginning for me. I have never really done anything like this before. Like I have sent naughty photo’s and videos to some guy friends but never thought I could make a show of it.I just wanted to say thank you for checking me out and I look forward to seeing you in my chatroom sometime soon.Love AlwaysNathan Hunt

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Jul 13

Liam Bahnson: Addiction

Day #46 clean for cocaine. Withdrawals subsided a few weeks ago & now I need to begin working toward my true reality, becoming a healthcare professional. I have spent far too many hours studying to keep living life half-heartedly. My true fulfillment is found through treating/helping/healing my patients. That is my joy.

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Jul 12

Flavio Garay: Alfred

I will not be broadcasting from July 12 to July 17 (I have friends staying at home). However, I will have a few hours each day to respond to your e-mails, so stay in touch! To keep up with all the latest FG happenings in Buenos Aires, follow me on Instagram (I will upload the wildest naked pictures there; trust me!) XOXO. FG.

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