Mike Mickey: Happy Halloween

Out for a hike in the mountains you were, u had just fallen through the ground to your doom, you tried to grasp to no evail, if only you hadn’t chewed on your fingernails, smacked good on a rocky bottom into a room with a brand new sunlight you just put in and looking up through it trying to understand how you got in and now thinking maybe u could get to the top again if you tried too. A good ten to fifteen feet you dropped into what appears to be a treasure room, gaint chests of gold and jewels, statues of alabaster and marble abound also littering the bottom ground weapons of silver held by skeletons in armor swept in mounds lay about in dusty clouds seeming as you had landed into what now might also be your tomb as you gaze at a pair of yellowish red eyes staring, glistening with hungry intent directly at you. Scarlet colored scales sunken to the bone on a face with a fanged smile beaming down with only its grimace poking from out from a shadow in the ceiling corner with an eager Malice and grin. “What have you brought me to eat” a raspy voice screeched “I hope its something sweet” the creature continued to speaks. Ive been so lonely wishing for a delicious treat what a coincidence we would meet..

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